Welcome to Earth Electric. Before we begin any electrical work, we meet with you, discuss your requirements and offer a free electrical safety audit. Included in this service are helpful energy saving tips.
At Earth Electric, we provide electrical service for both residential & commercial projects anywhere in Simcoe County including Cottage Country.
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Aluminum Upgrades for Life Safety:
You may have aluminum wiring and not even know it. Aluminum wire expands and contracts easier then copper wire, which could lead to dangerous wire connections, oxidization problems, arching and could lead to electrical fires. Today we have better technology and the proper devices to defeat this problem. Some insurance companies will not insure or will cancel insurance policies if the home owner doesn't get the aluminum safety upgrade completed.
Panel Surge Protection:
The average Canadian Home experiences over 2000 power surges a year.  External power surges are caused by lightning, power outages, nearby industry and Hydro suppliers. Powerful surges can instantly damage electronics and appliances while small surges can slowly damage electronics and appliances. The best protection for your home is to have a Panel Surge Protector installed by a licensed electrical contractor.
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Fuse Panel Safety Upgrades to Breaker Panel & Service Upgrades:
Old fuse  panels usually have oversized fuses which can lead to fires as the wiring is rated for a specific size of fuse. This often happens when a fuse blows and  and it's replaced with  whatever size fuse is readily available. As a result the wire melts from heat overload and causes a fire. A breaker panel is easier to reset and it's much more difficult for the average person to replace the fuse with an oversized breaker, making them a much safer choice for your home. An electrical safety permit must be pulled to do a panel or service change so it must be completed by a licensed electrical contractor.
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