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The average Canadian home experiences over 2000 power surges a year.

External power surges are caused by lightening, power outages, nearby industry and Hydro suppliers.

More than half of all power surges originate from within the home such as fridges, a/c units, sump pumps, blow dryers and other motor driven equipment.

Powerful surges can instantly damage electronics and appliances.

Small surges can slowly damage electronics and appliances.

The average home get hits with up to 20 power surges a day.

A panel surge protector gives you up to 30% more life to your appliances and electronics.

More than 40% of all computer crashes, power supplies and data loses are caused by power surges.

The best protection for your home is to have a Panel Surge Protector installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

Panel surge protector warranty insures up to $1500.00 per item and up to $25,000 per occurrence so if a power surge damages your appliances you donít have to go to your insurance company.

These are the exact panel surge protectors that Mike Holmes has on his television show and recommends be installed on every house panel.
Panel Surge Protection
Panel Surge Protector
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