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Fuse Panel Safety Upgrades to Breaker Panel & Service Upgrades:
Old fuse panels usually have over sized fuses which can lead to fires as the wiring is only rated for a specific size of fuse.

This happens most times because a fuse blows and whoever changes the fuse most times will just put whatever size fuse in that is readily on hand, or if a circuit is overloaded and is blowing a smaller fuse they put in a larger fuse to hold the circuit.

The problem with this is the wire melts from the over load heat and causes a fire because the fuse canít blow and do its job.

A breaker panel is easier to reset when a breaker trips and the average person wonít put a bigger breaker in as it is more difficult.

Old fuse panels are many times small and so subpanels have been added and a new breaker panel cleans up the wiring.

New breaker panels are incentives for new home buyers.

New breaker panels make insurance companies happy and may help with premiums.

Insurance companies wonít insure homes with 60 amp services so all main electrical services need to be upgraded to at least 100 amps, if you donít do it whenever the house sells it has to be done.

Many times with old fuse panels there is no main grounding system so when a new breaker panel or service is installed a grounding system is also done for your safety.

With a breaker panel you donít have to drive to get a fuse, and if you blow a fuse in the middle of the night or on a cold night it is a major inconvenience.

An electrical safety permit must be pulled to do a panel or service change so it must be completed by a licensed electrical contractor.
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